Parent - Teacher Co-operation

  • It is highly necessary to have a healthy and constant relationship between the school and the parents. The school needs co-operation of the parents to seek maximum information about their wards and their progress in order to have fuller understanding of his / her nature, talent, habits, environmental influences etc. Parents / Guardians are requested to visit the school. We will be glad to discuss with them about the character and progress of their children. Parents should not enter into the class or interrupt the teacher during class hours on regular working days. It is advisable to have a home time- table for the children for studies and play.
  • Parents must ensure that the children are provided with the prescribed books, stationery, uniform and that their fees are paid in time.
  • Parents must ensure that children come to school regularly, punctually and in neat and clean uniform.
  • Parents must ensure that their children devote sufficient time at home to prepare for their lessons and complete the home assignments.
  • On open house day parents are requested to meet the class teacher as well as subject teachers from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Parental Interaction
  • Parents cooperation and regular communication Is essential to help the children blossom and bloom.
  • Mutual benefits occur only when there is a meaningful exchange of information between home and school.
  • To make it convenient for parents to meet the teachers throughout the year for discussing relevant issues, parents are requested to meet the teaching faculty according to the given schedule.