Rules For the School

The School Parliament

It is a body established to help the school to run smoothly and on democratic lines. It fosters in the students the team spirit of democracy and gives them an inkling of the working of our parliament center. They learn through experience that for every right there is a corresponding duty. Student learns the meaning of solidarity and brotherhood of man irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

Discipline and Excellence

Discipline is an integral part of learning process.

If a student is to develop self -control, he must be helped to understand his emotions and impulses, to live in harmony with others to respect the tradition of his family, to keep the Laws of his country and to obey the commandment of God.

Special care must be taken by teacher and pupils to maintain an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours.

Order must be the hall-mark of the school, cleanliness pre-requisite of order is must in classroom, corridors and the compound reflect the Tone of the school which aims at bringing up young boys and girls to mature an adulthood. A standard of excellence is what we should attempt to maintain.

The School expects every child to contribute to the excellence of standards.